Environmental Review/CEQA

Physical Planning and Construction conducts environmental review in accordance with the guidelines established by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Under UC Santa Cruz's Coastal Long Range Development Plan for the Marine Science Campus, Physical Planning and Construction also prepares Notices of Impending Development and supporting documents for review by the California Coastal Commission.

Copies of the documents can be viewed at:

Written comments on the campus' environmental documents can be submitted to: Alisa Klaus, UC Santa Cruz, Physical Planning & Construction, 1156 High St , Barn G, Santa Cruz, CA 95064, or via email to eircomment@ucsc.edu

The 2005 Long Range Development Plan Environmental Impact Report

The 2005 LRDP EIR is available online at https://lrdp.ucsc.edu/index-2005.shtml

Current Environmental Documents:


The proposed Kresge College Project includes new construction, renovation, and selective removal of buildings in the existing Kresge College complex, and improvements to the site infrastructure. Kresge College, one of ten residential colleges on the UC Santa Cruz Campus, was originally constructed in 1973. Its 23 buildings support a complete living and learning community with student residences, academic buildings and classroom spaces, administrative offices, lecture and performance venues, outdoor social areas, and other community-serving spaces. The Project would provide additional square footage for residential, academic and student support programs while addressing issues of accessibility, code compliance, and sustainability in the existing buildings.  One of the project objectives includes embracing the important legacy of the site by retaining key character-defining elements such as the relationship to the natural environment, the existing site organization and landscape features, and the majority of existing buildings.

The University is preparing an environmental impact report (EIR) for the Kresge College Project. A notice of preparation (NOP) for this EIR was issued on April 5, 2018, to request input regarding the scope and content of the Draft EIR. Written comments on the NOP can be sent anytime during the scoping period which begins April 5, 2018 and ends May 4, 2018 at 5:00 PM. A link to the NOP, which includes information on the project and how to submit comments, is provided below. An information and scoping session will be held on Tuesday, April 17, from 5PM to 7PM at the Kresge Town Hall on the UC Santa Cruz main campus.


The proposed project would construct housing for approximately 3,000 students at two sites on the UC Santa Cruz main campus via a public-private partnership (P3) delivery method. The project would demolish the existing 200-unit family student housing complex and child care west of Heller Drive and redevelop the 13-acre site with approximately 2,852 student beds in 7 apartment buildings, a total of 972,000 sf. The project would develop approximately 140 units of housing for student families, and a child care center, on a 15-acre site northeast of the intersection of Glenn Coolidge Drive and Hagar Drive (Hagar site). The development of student housing on the Hagar site would require an amendment of the 2005 LRDP to change the land use designation from Campus Resource Land to Colleges and Student Housing.

The University has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to analyze the potential environmental effects of the proposed project.  A link to the Draft EIR is provided below. Copies will also be available for review at the McHenry and Science & Engineering Libraries at UC Santa Cruz, and at the central branch of the Santa Cruz Public Library, 224 Church St. Two information and public comment meetings will be held: the first on Wed., May 2, 2018, from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Louden Nelson Center, 301 Center St., Santa Cruz; the second on Thurs., May 3, from 5-7 PM at the Cultural Center at Merrill College on the UC Santa Cruz main campus. At these meetings, public agencies and members of the public will be invited to give oral comments on the Draft EIR. Written comments on the Draft EIR may be submitted to: Alisa Klaus, UC Santa Cruz, , Physical Planning & Construction, 1156 High St , Mailstop: PPDO, Santa Cruz, CA 95064, or via email to eircomment@ucsc.edu. The public review period closes on Friday, May 11, 2018, at 5 PM.

Notice of Availability, Draft Environmental Impact Report

Draft Environmental Impact Report: Volume 1 and Volume 2

Revised EIR Notice of Preparation, 11/1/17

EIR Notice of Preparation, 8/31/17

Other UCSC Environmental Documents


In April 2017, UC Santa Cruz published a notice of preparation (NOP) for a subsequent environmental impact report (SEIR) that would analyze the potential environmental impacts of an amendment to the UC Santa Cruz 2005 Long Range Development Plan (“2005 LRDP”). The project described in the NOP was the re-designation of 14 acres of land on the main campus west of Porter College from Campus Resource Land (CRL) to Colleges and Student Housing (CSH). The proposed amendment would facilitate the future development of on-campus housing for 3,000 students on a 50-acre site that would include the re-designated 14 acres.

Since the release of the NOP in April 2017, the Campus has advanced the planning for the student housing project and determined that adequate information is now available to evaluate the 3,000-bed student housing project for its specific impacts. UC Santa Cruz therefore is no longer planning to prepare the SEIR as described in the April 2017 NOP, and has issued a revised NOP for a project-level EIR that will evaluate the environmental impacts from the construction of the Student Housing West Project, including the impacts of an LRDP amendment.

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