Start a project

To start any facility or infrastructure-related improvement project, the Primary Project Contact or Principal Officer for the Division must initiate a request using the “Start a Project Request Form” at the link found below.  Before you submit, please review the following:

Process: Completing this form is a critical first step in moving your project forward.  The process for initiating a project varies according to the scope complexity and budget.  The completed form is sent to the group email “” and received by an intake team within Capital Planning & Space Management (CPSM) and Physical Planning, Development and Operations (PPDO).  This team will collectively review the submission and identify the appropriate pathway forward.  The project may be assigned according to one of the following ways:

  •         to CPSM for further clarification with the Primary Project Contact
  •         to a PPDO Project Manager and a CPSM Planner to facilitate the project through the scoping/scheduling/budgeting process.
  •         to the Physical Plant Work Management Group 

Upon receipt of the form, you can expect a response within 15 business days. Projects anticipated to exceed $35,000 require approvals from the Executive Vice Chancellor/Campus Provost and the Chancellor; further approvals may be required from the UC Office of the President and/or UC Regents depending on total project cost.

Initial Project Funding: The requestor should be pre-authorized by the Principal Officer to submit the project form. The form should include a FOAPAL number and an approved minimum fund transfer of $5,000 authorized by the Division. Funding will not be transferred without the Primary Project Contact’s written approval (via email) and would occur only after a CPSM/PPDO project intake team member has received confirmation from the Primary Project Contact. If assigned to PPDO or the Work Management Group, this amount will be needed to generate a CFR work order to support them with developing the project’s conceptual scope, schedule and budget.  

If you are unsure where your project falls, use the Start a Project request form.

Repair, maintenance, and replacement projects typically involve Physical Plant only and should be submitted to the Work Order Desk by calling 831-459-4444 or submit an online Work Order Request.