Amphitheater Renovation

These are images of the actual renovation of the Upper Quarry Amphitheater currently going on, they will be updated frequently. Select any of the thumbnail images below to scroll through slideshow and you can see the improvements as they happen.

Learn more about the Amphitheater, how it has so positively affected the many lives that have passed through UCSC. It has been a special place for ceremonies, music and dance, faculty-led classes, graduations, inaugurations as well as lectures by people prominent in their field. It was closed due to disrepair in 2006 and will re-open in 2017, renovated and ready to host the many events to come. What will it be to you?

  • Image of construction of access path.
  • Excavation begins to install A/V
  • 2nd photo of installation of AV
  • Image of excavation for bench seating.
  • Overview of construction.
  • Image showing flooding during heavy rains.
  • Panorama view of current construction.
  • Saw-cutting in prep for bench seating.
  • Grading and trenching for seating
  • Grading and trenching continues for bench seating.
  • Marking area for bench seating.
  • Electrical main lines installing down seating area.
  • Current picture of work in amphitheater.