Campus Buildings L - Z

Laureate Court Apartment Buildings
Liquid Propane Gas Building
LML William T. Doyle Research Building
Long Marine Lab Caretaker Trailer A
Long Marine Lab Caretaker Trailer B
Long Marine Lab Dolphinarium
Long Marine Lab Greenhouses
Long Marine Lab Ocean Health Building
Long Marine Lab Service Building
Long Marine Lab Seymour Center
Long Marine Lab Younger Research Building
Maintenance Storage Trailer
MBEST Headquarters Center Buildings
McHenry Library
Merrill College Academic Building
Merrill College Administration Building
Merrill College Common
Merrill College Dining Common
Merrill College Faculty Common
Merrill College Faculty Office Annex
Merrill College Garage
Merrill College House
Merrill College Dormitories
Merrill College Library
Merrill College Recreation Room
Merrill College Staff Apartments
Merrill College Student Commons
Merrill Garden House
Merrill Ming Ong Computer Lab
Mount Hamilton 120-inch telescope
Mount Hamilton 22-inch Telescope
Mount Hamilton 30-inch telescope
Mount Hamilton Automated Planet Finder
Mount Hamilton Carnegie Dome
Mount Hamilton Crocker Dome
Mount Hamilton Crossley Dome
Mount Hamilton Dining Hall
Mount Hamilton Dormitories
Mount Hamilton Electrical & Paint Shop
Mount Hamilton Fire Booster Pump
Mount Hamilton Firetruck Garage
Mount Hamilton Garages
Mount Hamilton Heating Plant
Mount Hamilton Incinerator
Mount Hamilton Lab & Measure Building
Mount Hamilton Machine & Carpentry Shop
Mount Hamilton Main Observatory
Mount Hamilton New Schoolhouse
Mount Hamilton Photographic Building
Mount Hamilton Quonset 2 Storage
Mount Hamilton Recreation Hall
Mount Hamilton Residences
Mount Hamilton Resr-East Peak
Mount Hamilton Resr-Keplr Peak
Mount Hamilton Storage 2
Music Center
Nat Sci 2 Annex
Nat Sci 2 Main Building
Nat Sci Greenhouse
Nat Sci Paleo-Magnetic Lab
Nat Sci Storage 1
Nat Sci Woodshop
Oakes College Academic Building
Oakes College Dormitories
Oakes College House
Oakes College Residences
Oakes College Service Module S1
Oakes College Service Module S2
Oakes College Service Module S3
Oakes College Storage Building
Oakes College Tutorial Commons
OPERS Fitness Center
OPERS Offices & Support Space
OPERS Tennis Building
Physical Education Activities Building
Physical Sciences Building
Porter College Academic
Porter College Apartment Buildings
Porter College Apartments Lounge
Porter College Dining Common
Porter College Houses
Powder House
Receiving Barn
Redwood Grove Apartments Buildings
RV Park Recreation Building
School Age Child Care Modular Unit
Science and Engineering Library
Shop Office Building
Shop Stores and EH&S
Sign Shop
Sinsheimer Laboratories
Social Sciences 1
Social Sciences 2
Solar Greenhouse by Merrill
Stevenson College Academic Buildings
Stevenson College Commons
Stevenson College Houses
Stevenson College Library
Stevenson College Music Practice
Stevenson Preceptor House
Stone House
Student Music East-KZSC Radio Station
Student Union
Student Union Redwood
Theater Arts Area
Theater Barn
Thimann Laboratories
Thimann Lecture Hall
Thimann Receiving Building
Transmitter Building KZSC Radio Station Tower
Transportation and Parking Services Storage Barn
University House
Upper Quarry Amphitheater and Dressing Room
Village Housing
Village Maintenance & Telecommunications
Visual Arts Research Facility