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Name Description
icon 10000-187 Multiple Locations - Summer Major Maintenance 2013 Roofing Oakes College: Tear off, New TPO Crown College: Tear off, New Composition Graduate Student Housing: Tear Off, New Composition
icon 10000-189 Multiple Locations - Housing Emergency Storage Containers Provide foundation pads at eight locations for placement of University-furnished containers. Provide associated site work and crane for placement of containers on footings as indicated in drawings and specifications.
icon 11122 Northeast Campus Area Plan The Area Plan addresses broad campus planing issues and examines a portion of the UC Santa Cruz campus to accommodate future expansion of the Social Sciences Division and Student Affairs development (student life and housing) consistent with the division’s academic plan, the planning principles articulated in the 2005 Long-Range Development Plan and the Physical Design Framework – March 2010.
icon 11407 Marine Science Campus (formerly Long Marine Lab) Coastal Long Range Development Plan Development plan for the 98-acre Marine Science Campus (formerly Long Marine Lab), including Younger Lagoon Reserve.
icon 1200-059 Hahn Central Services – First Floor Access Improvements Phase 2 Accessibility Improvements for First Floor Bathrooms
icon 12030-005 University Town Center Door Access Controls and Video Surveillance System Upgrades Installation of new doors and access controls, cctv cameras and associated equipment at the University Town Center
icon 1324 Original Ranch Buildings Central Garage Wash Bay and Water Reclamation System New wash bay and water reclamation system including new wash bay enclosure, equipment pad and utility connections.
icon 1326 Hay Barn Restoration Reconstruction and adaptive re-use of a historic 4,800 square feet timber framed barn structure, originally built c.1850s, and adjacent site improvements.
icon 1326A Hay Barn Disassembly The work includes the disassembly, documentation, testing and evaluation of what elements can be re-used for structural or aesthetic uses, and on-site storage of the re-usable materials. Materials will include structural framing members, siding, roof sheathing, hardware, and other elements that are fit for reuse. A significant portion of the building has collapsed, and there is widespread evidence of severe termite damage. Wood members that are sound will be salvaged and stored for use in the reconstruction of the building; wood members that are too deteriorated for reuse will be disposed of, along with non-wood components. Work will include the design and installation of shoring and required safety measures.
icon 1327 Telecommuncation Infrastructure Upgrades Phase A South Core New Construction of an approximately 1232 sq. ft. building on the existing UCSC campus to house telecommunications rack and equipment. This project is one component of an overall campus wide telecommunications infrastructure upgrade (TIU) project.
icon 1442 - Thimann Laboratories Room 137 Conversion to Ancient DNA Lab The Thimann Ancient DNA Laboratory project is the renovation of approximately 750 square feet of space in an existing science building on the UC Santa Cruz campus. This work includes, but is not limited to the following: 1. Construction of a suite of three clean room, all positively pressured relative to adjacent spaces; main laboratory with fume hood, bone-grinding room and equipment room. 2. Structural steel framing, cold-formed metal framing and metal fabrications. 3. Interior finishes and furnishings include: gypsum board assemblies, acoustical ceilings, resilient flooring, epoxy flooring and paints and coatings. 4. Pressed steel frames, wood doors, access doors and panels, aluminum windows, glazing and hardware. 5. Mechanical and electrical work including; heating, ventilating & air conditioning systems, electrical systems, interior lighting, fire alarm system and data/communication work.
icon 1505 - REBID-Physical Education Facilities Solar Thermal Provide new solar thermal panel system on OPERS roof to provide supplemental heat to primary heating system.
icon 1600-130 Cowell College - Infill Apartments Building 2 & 3 Shower Repairs Scope to include replacement of 17 showers in Cowell Infill Apartments Buildings 2 & 3. Add alternate will include an additional replacement of 5 showers in Building 1.
icon 1600-131 Cowell College - Infill Apartment Building 2 Interior Paint Scope to include painting of 15 apartments in Building 2 at Cowell Infill Apartments. Prep and paint all surfaces (excluding doors).
icon 1652 Infill Apartments Exterior Replacement Phases I and II The Project would restore the exterior assemblies of the Infill Apartments at four colleges to full weather tight performance. The buildings were completed in 2004. Based on initial investigations, this will likely entail complete, or nearly complete, removal and replacement of the exterior envelope (not including the roof) over a two-phase, two-year period to meet the occupancy needs of the colleges. Phase I would include the 7-building apartment complex at Stevenson College and two apartment buildings at Kresge College. Phase II would include the 5-building apartment complex at Cowell College and the 5-building apartment complex at Porter College. It is anticipated Phase II would be complete in time for summer occupancy 2015.
icon 1700-140 Stevenson College Residence Hall Building 1 and 8 Porch Repairs Remove rotted framing on 4 porches, Improve drainage and buildback.
icon 1810 McHenry Library Addition & Renovation Phase 1: addition of approximately 120,000 ogsf to the existing 156,000 ogsf building. Phase 2: renovations, ADA improvements, and seismic reinforcement of the existing building. For more information on this project, see the McHenry Library Addition and Renovation Project page.
icon 1810-009 REBID - McHenry Library Security Systems Installation of security cameras and access controls at McHenry Library.
icon 2113 - Cogen Replacement Phase 1 The new cogeneration plant building will house a single combustion turbine (Solar Mercury 50 CTG) and an associated heat recovery unit (HRU) for electric power and hot water production. Electric power will be produced by the CTG and fed into the existing campus 12,000 Volt distribution system. Hot water will be produced by the CTG heat exchanger and fed into the existing campus Central Heat Plant hot water system. The new building will be multistory approximately 4900 square feet designed in accordance with LEED Silver rating requirements. The building will also house hot water distribution pumps, electrical equipment, lube oil cooler, emissions monitoring equipment, selective catalytic reduction equipment, piping, control systems and other accessories. It will provide a control room, a toilet room and maintenance shop. In addition, a natural gas booster compressor skid, a black-start generator and an isolation transformer will be installed on grade due to the space limitations within the building. The plant site will be constructed with consideration to limit the impact of construction on existing plant operations and reuse as much of the existing plant systems as possible, while minimizing the overall impact and footprint on the proposed site. The existing cogeneration facility will be kept operational during most of the construction of the new replacement plant.
icon 2300-125 Crown College Library Building Envelope Restoration Building envelope restoration work including re-roof (re-use min. 70% existing roof tiles), pedestrian deck re-coating, elastomeric wall coating and new windows.
icon 2300-154 Crown Merrill Apartments – Buildings 1, 3,13 & 15 Roof Replacement Roof Replacement
icon 2355 - Crown College Restroom ADA Alterations
icon 2634 - Merrill College Stairway Improvements Work includes demolition of existing A. C. path, grading, forming of new colored concrete stairs, drystack retaining wall, handrails, epoxy stair nosing, drainage and connection to existing piping. Also includes construction fencing pedestrian detour signage. The work includes, but is not limited to, the following: Merrill College Stairway.
icon 2635 Merrill College Major Maintenance Renovations 2013/2014 Major Maintenance Work: Roofing and rooftop equipment replacement, restroom fixture replacement and fixture piping modifications, window replacement, interior lighting, doors, flooring and paint. New Construction: Landscaping and pathway improvement are planned to meet accessibility requirements associated with these residential upgrades, including remodeling of an exterior bridge and adding an elevator for building accessibility as well as exterior lighting. Some interior space modifications will be made to provide for new accessible restroom, laundry and associated accessible dormitory bedrooms.
icon 2637 Merrill College Renovations Phase 3 Dormitories C, D, Guzman Apartments
icon 2806 Cowell Student Health Center Expansion & Seismic Improvements This project includes the renovation and construction of an addition to the student health services facility including clinical services, urgent care services, health education, personal counseling, and administrative spaces. The proposed expansion may increase the gross square footage of the building by approximately 30%. Proposed expansion may include a second-story addition comprised of lightweight construction materials to minimize seismic mass. Seismic renovations may include new and retrofitted concrete shear walls, braced frames, foundation modifications and upgrades.
icon 3300-008 Kerr Hall – Roof and Pedestrian Deck Repair Remove existing built-up roofing system and replace with new thermoplastic roofing membrane. Apply new pedestrian deck coating on existing deck.
icon 3300-010 Kerr Hall – Pedestrian Deck Repair Install a new pedestrian traffic coating on an existing concrete deck. Work to include Removal of old coating, remove/relocate concrete planters, install new coating, replace planters.
icon 3406-009 Re-roof, Exterior Paint and Exterior Light Fixture Replacement Summer maintenance at Village to replace obsolete light fixtures with energy efficient fixtures. Reroof existing roofs and repaint exterior modular trailers, 17 total.
icon 3406-014 Modular Student Housing Village – Re-Roof 2014 Description of Work: Reroof Seven Units at the Village
icon 3505 Upper Quarry Amphitheater Renovation The Upper Quarry Amphitheater Renovation and Expansion project is proposed as a two-phased project for the 2013-23 Capital Financial Plan: The Upper Quarry Amphitheater Renovation Phase 1 project would consist of life safety and code upgrades to enable the venue to be used for campus events with a minimum of seating. Funding for this phase of the project could qualify for funding from student fee life safety/seismic reserves. The total project budget placeholder is $3,000,000 and is subject to change based on the feasibility and costing study. The Upper Quarry Amphitheater Expansion Phase 2 project would consist of various improvements such as stadium and grass-berm seating, a new stage, lighting, stage canopy, and audio-visual upgrades. Funding for this phase of the project would be gift-funded and is being pursued as part of the Comprehensive Campaign. The total project budget placeholder is $6,400,000 and is subject to change based on the feasibility and costing study.
icon 3700-019 Oakes College – Residence Hall E Replace Shower Stalls Scope to include replacement of 8 showers in the Oakes Residence Hall Building “E”.
icon 3700-030 Oakes Laundry Improvement Oakes College Laundry Improvement provides for increasing the number of clothes washing and drying machines by modifying and upgrading existing utilities at six different laundry facilities in the Apartments and Residence Halls.
icon 3700-031 Oakes College – Residence Hall H Shower Repair Replacement of 10 showers in Oakes Residence Hall H. Work includes Corian shower walls, Stonhard floors and new shower valves.
icon 4932 - Coastal Biology Building, Original Construction
icon 4934 Marine Science Campus - Marine Mammal Pools Renovation and Expansion The University of California Santa Cruz is seeking a qualified architecture/engineering firm for full professional services for the renovation and expansion of a complex of marine mammal seawater pools and adjacent site improvements at the Long Marine Laboratory, Santa Cruz, California. Services include, but are not limited to, program and conceptual cost validation, complete design and construction documents, and construction administration services. A feasibility study was completed in February 2013 and documents from that study will be made available to interested teams as part of the University’s RFQ information packet. Services for the awarded firm will be authorized in phases: The first phase will be an analysis of the recent feasibility study, including validation of the concept design and final program, and updating of the concept-level probable cost forecast for the project. Award for the Executive Design Professional services for the second phase will be contingent upon project approval following the first phase. Based on the recent feasibility study, the preliminary construction budget forecast is approximately $5,200,000.
icon 5200-036 Earth snd Marine - Acid Lab Renovations 5th Floor Description of Work: The project will renovate lab and spaces on the fifth floor of the Earth & Marine Sciences Building. The approximately 2,350 sq. ft. renovation project includes replacement and refurbishment of lab facilities including fume hoods, doors and hardware, sinks and counters, all surfaces, fixtures, utilities and infrastructure.
icon 5520 College Nine - Social Sciences One Anthropology Department Wet Lab Expansion Rooms 337,339,340,341,343,449 Description of Work: The project will remodel rooms on the third and fourth floors of the Social Sciences I Building. This approximately 1,550 sq. ft. remodel project will create a new research facility and converts an existing research facility to wet lab standards.
icon 5900-016 Graduate Student Housing Shower Replacement This project involves repairs to the bathrooms and showers in four graduate student apartments on the UCSC campus. Work includes demolition and replacement of solid surface shower panels and countertops, new casework and plumbing. New vinyl flooring and rubber base , new shower and vanity fixtures and associated work.
icon 6701 Biomedical Sciences Facility Approximately 92,300 sf of wet laboratory space and core specialized facilities to support interdisciplinary research for the Departments of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Environmental Toxicology, Biomolecular Engineering concentrating in health and medical issues, and a vivarium for small rodents. The project site is an existing paved parking lot, located in the Science Hill area of the central campus.
icon 6901 Institute of Arts and Sciences The University of California, Santa Cruz, is selecting design firms to provide phased architectural programming, design, and construction administration services for the following project:
icon 8900-048 Campus Roads – McLaughlin Road Rehabilitation Project to include rehabilitation of two lane asphalt road running from the McLaughlin bridge to the 20 MPH curve. Also included are pedestrian curb-cuts, and potentially new drainage features.
icon 8945 Heller Drive Bike Lanes Bikelanes on Heller Dr. from Empire Grade to McLaughlin Dr. The proposed project would construct Class II bike lanes along approximately 1 mile of Heller Drive, one of three primary campus roads at UC Santa Cruz. The project would also include removal and installation of asphalt-concrete curbs, guard rails and retaining walls, and drainage improvements.
icon 8949- Heller Drive Pavement Rehabilitation: Meyer Drive to Core West Repairs to approximately 1800 l.f. of campus roadway including but not limited to: removal and replacement of asphalt pavement, base rock, portions of subgrade, curbs, swales, striping, and curb- ramp modifications, with related traffic and pedestrian controls.
icon 9072 - Infrastructure Phase 2, 12KV Switch Replacement Construction of Medium Voltage System Upgrades including 12KV switch replacements, new conduit, feeders, vault and ductbank installations and testing. Associated site development includes a new platform structure, manhole vaults, road and walkway repairs, retaining walls, landscaping, and underground utilities.
icon 9073 - Antenna Site T48 Transformer Replacement Replace 12KV transformer (T48) and provide new power distribution at the UCSC Antenna tower Site.
icon 9076 Campus Utilities Medium Voltage Relay Replacement REBID Upgrade the 21KV/12KV medium voltage relay protection for the main campus. The project includes replacement of relays, breaker cubicle doors, a new DC battery plant with AC unit, all associated hardware, programming, testing, commissioning and documentation.
icon 9077 Infrastructure Improvements Phase 2: Stormwater Channel stabilization in Moore Creek and Jordan Gulch to include: a) Moore Creek: Baskin tributary, Science Hill tributary, and various East Fork reaches; b) Jordan Gulch: East Fork, Main Stem upstream and downstream reaches. Work includes in-stream stabilization structures.
icon 9077-005 Infrastructure Phase 2, Stormwater Gull G Detention Basin Stormwater detention basin system with two design-build, water-tight, structural concrete vaults (33,500 cubic feet and 20,000 cubic feet) installed beneath a demolished and re-constructed campus parking lot. Detention System components include, but are not limited to: vaults, treatment units, manholes, headwall overflow, surface channels with rip-rap, metal fabrications, and pipe. Parking lot reconstruction includes aggregate base, bituminous asphaltic-cement paving, signs, striping, erosion control with pollution prevention plan and site restoration.
icon 9087 - Cooling Tower Controls Retrofit Contractor to replace the Cogen Cooling Tower Control System with a new “Tridium” based controls as specified in the plans and specs.
icon 9089 - Campus Sanitary Sewer Master Plan A Sanitary Sewer Master Plan for the University of California at Santa Cruz (Campus) has not been developed since initial Campus construction in 1964. A master plan is proposed to: assess and document the existing system condition, model existing & future flows, develop a conceptual level Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), including associated costs, to accommodate Campus growth as projected in the 2005 Long Range Development Plan.
icon 9097A Telecommunciations Infrastructure Improvements Phase A Remodel of one and construction of two telecommunication rooms at the Oakes Academic Building.
icon 9097C Telecommunications Infrastructure Upgrade Phase A Underground Ductbank and communication Structure Underground telecommunications ductbanks and communications structure throughout UCSC campus.
icon 9097G Telecommunications Infrastructure UpgradesPhase A Structured Cabling, Outside Plant (OSP) The work includes installation of new outside plant cabling.
icon Biomedical Sciences Facility - NIH Vivarium Improvement, Equipment Installation Furnishing and installing Vivarium equipment
icon Campus Reclaimed Water Study This engineering Study develops the potential use of reclaimed water as described in the 2020 LRDP EIR Mitigation Measure as follows: UTIL-9G: Within two years following approval of the 2005 LRDP, the Campus shall initiate a study on feasible measures for utilization of reclaimed water (including rainwater, grey water, cooling tower blow down water and/or recycled water) in new development. Potential uses of reclaimed water include cooling, irrigation, and toilet flushing. The study shall contain a plan to utilize reclaimed water in new development as feasible and effective in water conservation, and shall include an implementation schedule.
icon East Remote Multi-Modal Transportation Facility
icon Employee Housing Master Plan The Employee Housing Master Plan will establish ways to "operationalize" elements of the 2006 Employee Housing Administrative Plan (EHAP) by documenting specific housing program mixes, physical planning concepts, sit analysis, options and scenarios for increasing employee housing, financial feasibility analysis, and potential ways to structure resource allocations. The EHMP should conform to the land use principles identified in the 2005 Long Range Development Plan and will also identify procurement and/or development opportunities that exist off campus.
icon Engineering Audit of Campus Water Use UC Santa Cruz has made a commitment to conduct an engineering audit of campus water use as one of several mitigations for the environmental impacts of the projected increases in campus water use over the next 15 years. The scope will include gathering background data, identify options for reducing water consumption, conducting an analysis of the cost implementation over the next 5 years. At a minimum the audit will assess the efficiency of plumbing fixtures in campus facilities, irrigation systems, and the campus cooling water system. The audit may also include focused building audits of one or more laboratory or residential buildings or other buildings with high water use.
icon Multiple Locations - Re-Roof Cowell Residence Hall Parrington House, Turner house Atrium Roof, Crown Merrill Apartments 6 & 7, Graduate Student Housing Building 1 & 2, Oakes Building C Reroof Cowell Residence Hall, Parrington House, Turner House Atrium Roof, Crown Merrill Apartments 6 & 7, Graduate Student Housing Building 1 & 2, and Oakes Building C.
icon Oakes College - Pathway Safety Lighting Improvement Install new and replace existing exterior lighting, including wall and pole mounted fixtures.
icon TELECOMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE UPGRADES PHASE A OAKES ACADEMIC STRUCTURED CABLING This project replaces existing riser and horizontal cabling in the Oakes College Academic Building.
icon UCSC Long Range Development Plan 2005-2020 Comprehensive planning activity prepares an update to the 1988 Long Range Development Plan. The effort resulted in the UCSC Long Range Development Plan 2005-2020 (2005 LRDP) and associated Environmental Impact Report.
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