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by Diane Lallemand last modified 2008-07-18 04:55 PM

For more information about campus planning, see UCSC'S main planning page. Also see the LRDP Downloads page for more LRDP documents.

General information about planning.
Planning Implementation Program
For the 1988 Long Range Development Plan.
Planning 1963 Long Range Development Plan
The entire 1963 Long Range Development Plan in PDF format.
Planning 1963 Long Range Development Plan Map
An 11"x17" JPEG image of the 1963 Long Range Development Plan Map.
Planning Student Life Facilities Feasibility Study
Student Affairs Facilities Feasibility Study - Final Report August 2003 (4.4 MB)
Planning Core East and Physical Education Areas Study
Done in conjunction with the Student Affairs Facilities Feasibility Study - (3.8 MB)
Planning Stormwater and Drainage Master Plan 2004

See projects below:

Name Description
icon 11407 Marine Science Campus (formerly Long Marine Lab) Coastal Long Range Development Plan Development plan for the 98-acre Marine Science Campus (formerly Long Marine Lab), including Younger Lagoon Reserve.
icon 2113 - Cogen Replacement Phase 1 The new cogeneration plant building will house a single combustion turbine (Solar Mercury 50 CTG) and an associated heat recovery unit (HRU) for electric power and hot water production. Electric power will be produced by the CTG and fed into the existing campus 12,000 Volt distribution system. Hot water will be produced by the CTG heat exchanger and fed into the existing campus Central Heat Plant hot water system. The new building will be multistory approximately 4900 square feet designed in accordance with LEED Silver rating requirements. The building will also house hot water distribution pumps, electrical equipment, lube oil cooler, emissions monitoring equipment, selective catalytic reduction equipment, piping, control systems and other accessories. It will provide a control room, a toilet room and maintenance shop. In addition, a natural gas booster compressor skid, a black-start generator and an isolation transformer will be installed on grade due to the space limitations within the building. The plant site will be constructed with consideration to limit the impact of construction on existing plant operations and reuse as much of the existing plant systems as possible, while minimizing the overall impact and footprint on the proposed site. The existing cogeneration facility will be kept operational during most of the construction of the new replacement plant.
icon Employee Housing Master Plan The Employee Housing Master Plan will establish ways to "operationalize" elements of the 2006 Employee Housing Administrative Plan (EHAP) by documenting specific housing program mixes, physical planning concepts, sit analysis, options and scenarios for increasing employee housing, financial feasibility analysis, and potential ways to structure resource allocations. The EHMP should conform to the land use principles identified in the 2005 Long Range Development Plan and will also identify procurement and/or development opportunities that exist off campus.
icon Engineering Audit of Campus Water Use UC Santa Cruz has made a commitment to conduct an engineering audit of campus water use as one of several mitigations for the environmental impacts of the projected increases in campus water use over the next 15 years. The scope will include gathering background data, identify options for reducing water consumption, conducting an analysis of the cost implementation over the next 5 years. At a minimum the audit will assess the efficiency of plumbing fixtures in campus facilities, irrigation systems, and the campus cooling water system. The audit may also include focused building audits of one or more laboratory or residential buildings or other buildings with high water use.
icon North Science Hill Area Master Plan The purpose of this study is to develop a flexible physical master plan for future development of buildings, outdoor spaces and circulation systems within the portion of the core known as Science Hill. At the same time, the work is intended to serve as background for the 2005-2020 Long Range Development Plan currently in progress.
icon UCSC Long Range Development Plan 2005-2020 Comprehensive planning activity prepares an update to the 1988 Long Range Development Plan. The effort resulted in the UCSC Long Range Development Plan 2005-2020 (2005 LRDP) and associated Environmental Impact Report.
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